Riello Flor Blumen Export

dal 1955

Ingrosso Fiori
e coltivazioni
dal 1955
Ingrosso Fiori e coltivazioni
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Our history:

RIELLO FLOR SRL was founded in 1955 by Pietro Riello and his wife Elide, everything begun with the cultivation of plumosus and carnations.

The first shipping of flowers and green were by train, the fastest means of transport at the time.

Then his son Sergio and his wife Stella expanded the business outside Italy, in other European country, achieving good results, focusing on quality and liability.
Now the business is run by Enrico, Sergio and Stella’s son, and his wife Simonetta, that they have renewed the company, improving the supply chain, preserving the aim of the founders.

How do we work?

We have a 30.000 smq field, in order to have a large variety of flowers also in the hardest moments.
Our products come directly from the best producer of Sanremo and we buy also in Hyers flower market, to have the largest stock for our clients.

How to order?

Order is very simple, we have a user friendly e-commerce platform
Every client has his own account in their mother-tongue.
All products have their pictures and the minimum average to order.
After your order you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail, and we'll start processing the order.
Last but not least the e-commerce is open 24/7, and you can order with PC, tablet or smartphone, wherever you prefer.


The shipping is made up with our truck or with a third party transporter.
Our goal is to satisfy all your requests, as we are fully consumer-oriented.

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Partita Iva: IT00070570080
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